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Thermal image of a leak from the upstairs flat.



This could be easy or difficult and the honest answer is we never can tell until we get to the job.

 Tracing leaks are something that we have done for years and with great results.

Attention money saving tip on its way so hold tight.

 Did you know that your insurance company may cover you for tracing leaks?

And don’t take their word for it, some insurance companies will sometimes fabricate the truth and tell you that it is not there responsibility to find the leak.

 Its common practice for some insurance companies to put you off so you will foot the bill.

 You may be lucky as your insurance company may send out an engineer free of charge and trace and fix the leak for you. So it’s always worth a try.

 Before you call us double check your policy for trace and access why pay when you may be covered.

 You might ask why we would give this advice and possibly miss out on a potential extra job,

 We simply are a small family run business and would not want to see any other family have a greater expense than necessary.

 Our leak finding methods.

 Thermal imaging the most effective way is using our thermal imaging camera look what we can pick up on the images to the left.

 The camera can pick up water leaks by just seeing the cold spots or even hot spots if it’s a hot leak.


 Basically a camera lens at the end of a flexible lead and a monitor at the other end.

 Coloured dyes.

To find some leaks we will put coloured dyes down the sink or bath drain, this will give us a idea of what is or is not the problem.

  Even though these methods help us locate the problem as you can imaging they are not full proof.

  This is when your insurance may be needed as we would then have to try other methods for example cutting into the walls or lifting some floorboards.

 Lifting of floor board and removal of plasterboard can take some time, so if this is needed we would offer you the option of accessing the area yourself or we will continue with the job at a set rate.

 Some customers know their own joiner who may help them at mate’s rates.